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The Royal Air Force Lincolnshire

At its peak, Lincoln was one of the largest aircraft production areas in the world; producing over 3,500 aircraft and 3,000 aero engines. Today the city is home to the Red Arrows aerobatic display team, often practicing over Lincoln's skies, and the International Bomber Command Memorial.  

Heres a few RAF related must sees during your stay.

RAF Lincolnshire: Rooms & Suites

RAF Cranwell and world famous College

The history of military aviation at Cranwell goes back to November 1915, when the Admiralty requisitioned 2,500 acres (10 km2) of land from the Marquess of Bristol's estate.  On 1 April 1916, the "Royal Naval Air Service Training Establishment, Cranwell" was officially born.

In 1917 a dedicated railway station was established for the RNAS establishment on a new single track branch line from Sleaford, the train being known as The Cranwell Flyer.

With the establishment of the Royal Air Force as an independent service in 1918, the RNAS Training Establishment became RAF Cranwell.[8] The Royal Air Force College Cranwell was formed on 1 November 1919 as the RAF (Cadet) College

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